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Company: Fuji Television Network, Inc. (Fuji TV)

Title: Papa’s Kitchen

Genre: Cooking Game Show

Duration: 60’

Watch as fathers who never help around the house join forces with their families and try to become King of the Kitchen. The participants must cook dishes assigned to them in the allotted 30 minutes. Using advice from their wives or top-shelf pantry items they won in the warm-up mini games, can these fathers win a culinary prize package and the respect of their family?! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you’ll experience solidarity and strife—all through this family team cooking game show!
Company: TV Tokyo Corporation (TV TOKYO)

Title: One Step One Penny

Genre: Entertainment/ Reality

Duration: 30’

Challengers are able to earn one penny per one step by wearing a dream helmet. At the end of the journey, total money earned by walking minus travel cost will be paid to the challenger.
Their purposes vary,
- An ex-Olympic medalist suddenly starts to run. How far can he go? He challenges towards limitation of human ability.
- An ex-idol, overcoming her scandal, wears the helmet and head to Fukuoka to meet someone she is desperate to see.
- A struggling comedian walks to earn money to buy an electric bicycle for his pregnant wife.
A reality documentary full of dramas, sweat and love.
Company: Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC JAPAN)

Title: Kids Love Therapy

Genre: Family Entertainment, Reality

Duration: 30’

Do you still remember your very First Crush? Love at First Sight? First time Holding Hands? Or first time Asking Out on a Date?
Kids fall in love the same way as adults, but the difference is that when we get old, we forget about the past and keep moving forward.
No matter of age, gender or race, I’m sure that every person has had trouble with love.
This format is about telling your feelings to your love ones and we adults go there to support and help the kids that are in trouble. This is a family entertainment with love that will entertain us all.
Company: NHK/NHK Enterprises

Title: 72 hours

Genre: Factual

Duration: 30’

NHK's long-running popular series since 2006. Ranked No. 1 for viewer satisfaction.
‘72 hours’ is an extremely unique format of human-interest documentary. For the duration of 72 hours, cameras target and record a single location. There are no preconceived scripts or artificially ""created"" stories. The purpose is to remain completely true to the reality of what the camera captures within the given time frame, and get up-close to the human mind. The locations chosen are ordinary places including restaurants, airports and service stations. These seemingly mundane places soon reveal real lives of people that anybody can relate to.
‘72 hours’ spotlights the diverse, lively, and the sometimes unusual "reality" of people and their emotions.
Company: TV Asahi Corporation (TV Asahi)


Genre: Outdoor / Reality

Duration: 30’ – 60’

The ultimate unscripted reality show that focuses on experts using their skills to survive! Nine experts, each a professional in their respective fields but a stranger to each other, are stranded on a deserted island for seven days. Each is only able to take three tools of their trade. The group consists of a carpenter, fisherman, cook, former athlete, scientist, manga artist, ceramic artist…how will experts with completely different backgrounds help each other, and which skill sets will contribute the most to their overall survival?
The experts reveal remarkable skills, and at times an unexpected skill/tool becomes very handy. Our cameras follow the group’s battles against giant fish and birds, the beautiful specialist bursting into tears, and all the physical and mental challenges of the group as they turn the uninhabited island into a habitable place. And which expert contributes the most to this challenge?
At the end of each day, a vote takes place to decide who contributed the most and the prize money for the day is divided among the members according to the number of votes received. Members who contribute little end up with nothing….
Find out what happens when experts live together on a deserted island!
Company: Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon TV)

Title: Battle of the Homes

Genre: Game show

Duration: 60’

What would it be like to wake up on a game show?!
Two families on the same street find out when their homes become exactly that!
The comic hosts video-link to their houses and over 48 hours and 4 Rounds, the families compete each from inside their own homes to reach the big money End Game.

※ International sales company: Nippon TV and Red Arrow International
Company: Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV)

Title: All Chained up!

Genre: Game show

Duration: 60’

The ultimate friendship race! Friends over Money or Money over Friends?
The groups of 4 friends that are chained together are put to a challenge on an extreme race. The groups are left stranded in a random place without any money but each other. The first group that’s reaches the designated goal receives the prize money. However, the race is not as simple, along the way ONIRED (the red demon) gives missions that challenges the bond within the group. Additionally, ONIRED gives them a “judge card” to vote for anyone they want to remove from the group. The challenge doesn’t end there, once the group wins the prize, they get an option of whether they want to split the prize or take all of it for themselves. Will the contestants take friendship or will they take the money?
Company: Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS Television)

Title: Battle of the Super Boyz

Genre: sports game show

Duration: 2.5 hrs - 4 hrs

The format sees 16 of today's hottest stars from television, music and film compete in the hottest games. Never before has a competition created such excitement on screen and among teens and young adults.