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CoFesta Ambassador x FRI : Inter BEE 2015


Inter BEE is an exhibition for audio, video, and communications professionals

This year’s Inter BEE was held November 18th to 20th at the Makuhari Messe convention center.
It may not be obvious if you’re not in the industry, but this event is structured around the 4 areas of video broadcasting equipment, professional audio, professional writing, and ICT/cross-media, serving not only broadcasters, but musicians, cameramen, etc., and for that matter anyone who likes gadgets.

Past events have been home to as many as 996 companies and other organizations (including 540 companies from 31 different countries and territories), and this year CoFesta ambassadors and the FRI news crew paid a visit.

--What stood out to you at today?

All: Video cameras!

Edgar Santiago Pelaez Mazariegos (Mexico): Especially the drone camera systems. They’re easily affected by wind, but at the conference they were showing off these fascinating new drones that can deal with wind while shooting video. Even if you push it with your hand, the drone can immediately get back into position.

--There seem to be a lot of TV industry people at the event; have you watched Japanese TV?

Sansan Chen (Australia): Yes! Australia is much the same, but I feel like Japanese TV has a lot of programs adapted from other cultures. Also, in Australia, there’s a famous program about Japan’s Tokyo Game Show. Oh, and they may have been broadcast in the past in Japan, but they’ve shown SASUKE and Iron Chef in Australia many times.

Edgar: I watch sumo! Pro wrestling is a big thing in Mexico, and sumo is kind of in the same vein. Also the NHK morning drama series Massan. I wake up early in the morning for school, so I ended up watching it.

Steven Konatra (Indonesia): I watch a wide variety of dramas and anime. I especially like the Shabekuri 007 variety show though. I think Indonesian TV has a similar feel to Japanese TV.

Sansan: Also, Japan has a lot of programs about food! I wonder why they’re always talking about gourmet stuff?

Edgar: Yeah, no matter what kind of show, there’s always a food segment. It’s kind of strange.

--There were a lot of big 4K and 8K monitors. What size monitors do you normally use?

Erika Rodriguez (Mexico): Mine is really small.

Sansan: I’m living in a share-house, so there’s a relatively large one that everyone watches. It’s the type that’s suspended from the ceiling.

--Are you interested in watching things with the new video technologies?

Sansan: I like 3D, but the problem is that you still have to wear glasses for that.

Edgar: I know what you mean! It’s especially bad for me because I already wear glasses. But I’d love to see games that use 8K technology.

Erika: With a good-quality movie it’d be nice, but I don’t really feel the need for TV shows or live broadcasts.

--This event had a lot of booths with TV sets. What got you interested in participating in this event?

Sansan: I’ve done film editing work, but with Photoshop for image processing and After Effects video software. I was especially interested in how they have software that can handle both at the same time.

Erika: I joined because I like cameras. There are a lot of famous camera manufacturers in Japan, and personally I use a Nikon single-lens reflex camera.

Steven : I’m studying graphics, so I figured I could see something useful. I like the audio and video industries too, so I came because I thought I could see the technology side of things.

Edgar: I’m a YouTuber, so I was thinking about how it’d be great to be able to shoot good video for the future. I also play drums, so I was interested in the music-related booths with stuff like gear that professional PAs use, DJ mixers, and so on.

In this interview we saw how these foreign exchange students imagine themselves using the equipment on display in their home countries. They also all felt that Japanese television is constantly dealing with food. It is said that Japan has a rich culinary culture, but perhaps Japanese television is providing a boost by showing so much food.

All the CoFesta ambassadors who were interviewed
Sansan Chen (Australia)
Erika Rodriguez (Mexico)
Edgar Santiago Pelaez Mazariegos (Mexico)
Steven Konatra (Indonesia)

Inter BEE 2015


This article concerns CoFesta, a campaign to hold a variety of events to aid highly compatible industries in effectively going abroad, and its collaborative planning with Fields Research Institute( FRI), which conducts research in entertainment.