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“That moment, with those eyes.”


“There is no city more suitable than Tokyo as a place in which the future of mobility will be decided. Let us witness the moment in which the most influential ideas are born.”. With that catchphrase, the official joint event of the Tokyo Motor Show, the FUTURE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2017, was opened. This time, we will be reporting about this event.

「FUTURE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2017」(From the left: Mr. Gohar, Ms. Hoshino, Mr. Purba, Mr. Shimizu, Mr. Takahashi)

Several days ago, on October 24th, the FUTURE MOBILITY SUMMIT 2017 was opened in Ryogoku Kokugikan. At the event, a panel discussion was held as “a place where the mobility of the future can be imagined” and “a place in which top experts in the automobile industry and the advance technology industry meet and discuss ideas geared towards a mobility of the future and an ideal town architecture, especially the architecture of Tokyo”.

Sessions on 6 different themes were held, but we would like to present 2 sessions among them which FRI found especially notable.

■The Future of Cities : Urbanization and Mobility

First, Mr. Kian Gohar, the moderator, gave an opening address.
“Together with the evolution of technology, human ways of transportation continue to evolve. However, the desire which humans hold, ‘I want to travel’, doesn’t change. What will the mobility of the future turn out to be?”
According to Mr. Gohar, there are 4 issues that must be resolved when thinking about the mobility of the future.

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