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Four international projects in TGS2018
“Indie Game Area” “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2018”
“Three New Stars Area” “International Party + Indie Night”


TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018 (TGS2018), organized by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’sAssociation (CESA, Chairman: Hideki Hayakawa) and co-organized by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP, President: Suguru Niinomi), announces the outline of four international projects in TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018, held from September 20th to 23rd.

◼Indie Game Area [since 2013]

The Indie Game Area (Type A) is an exhibition area for independent game developers across the world, regardless of their status as professionals or amateurs, corporations or individuals, and their nationalities. This year, 295 developers applied for this area from every corner of the world. After the selection process, 86 independent game developers from 22 countries/regions were carefully selected as exhibitors. The area features original Indie titles that provide fresh game experiences.

◼ SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT 2018 (SOWN 2018) [since 2008]

The aim of SOWN is to call for new game ideas that will catch people by surprise and give them a “Sense of Wonder”- a sense that something will change in their world – right at the instant of first seeing or hearing about the concept. Entering its 11st year, SOWN2018 will feature presentations by 8 finalists from 4 countries, chosen from among the 86 developers exhibiting in the Indie Game Area (Type A).

◼New Stars Area (Asia since 2012, Latin America and Eastern Europe since 2016)

This area features new stars such as promising gaming ventures and developers active in regions with a rising gaming industry. This year we will add Czech pavilion, with 62 developers from 13 countries and regions displaying exhibitions.

◼ International Party (since 2007) + Indie Night

The annual International Party, which has been held mainly for overseas exhibitors, is renowned for the exhibitors at the Indie Game Area and SOWN 2018 presenters who participate. Global interactions will be promoted in a casual atmosphere.
Other than above, international projects such as “Cosplay Collection Night @TGS”, “Tokyo Otaku Mode Live Stream Hut” for overseas visitors and “Douyu TV” for steam broadcasting to Chinese are scheduled to be held.

The TGS is attracting more attentions from overseas as an international exhibition. Please look forward to the event, as we’ll play a role of bridging international gaming communities through these projects.

◼“Indie Game Area (Type A)” Outline [open for 4 days]

As game’s distribution forms change, indie games are stirring up a global movement. The “IndieGame Area (Type A)” (no exhibition charge required) welcomes its 6th year and have expanded the number of booths from 64 to 86. After the serious selection, independent game developers from 22 countries/regions were selected as exhibitors of “Indie Game Area." In addition, the total number of exhibitors has reached a record 154 individuals and organizations when combined with the number of corporate exhibitors. Independent game developers around the world, regardless of them being professionals/amateurs and corporations/individuals, will exhibit their original titles.

For more information: https://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2018/common/json/2018y0920tgs/tgs_release_20180907_en.pdf