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[CoFesta Ambassador x FRI] CEATEC JAPAN 2015


From October 7th to October 10th 2015, the CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) JAPAN 2015 conference was held – the 15th such conference – showcasing the best in Asian IT and electronics. Over the 4 days there were 133,048 attendees. There were over 350 individual booths, covering titans of Asian technology like NEC and Hitachi, venture capitalists, universities, local government and more, providing a valuable opportunity to see countless cutting-edge technologies in one place.
The contents being shown ranged from innovations in things that have the potential to change our personal lives, such as transparent monitors and washing machine technology, to the latest drones.
Furthermore, the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament for the Kanto region took place in part of the hall, and an intense tournament unfolded, leading up to the December finals at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

--Was there anything that stood out to you today?

Carlos Cesar Cortes Torres (Mexico): The new washing machine technology. It looks like by 2020 they’ll be able to use implantable devices to wash, dry, and fold laundry completely automatically.

Hannes Zaiser (Germany): I’d say the robot challenge area. In the lifesaving exhibition, there was a robot looking around that senses body heat and such to determine if there are people who need help in buildings and caves.

Gianluca Abad (Philippines): I liked NIKKO’s tiny motors. The precision technology measures in micromillimeters, and uses vibrations to move around on top of places that are as small as mechanical pencil lead.

Zheng Lin Chia (Malaysia): At the Hitachi booth I saw technology that would let you write in the air and a PC or other device could read it.

--Have you been to an event like this overseas?

Hannes: In Germany an international event of this size would be the car show expo in Berlin.

Gianluca: In the Philippines we have a tournament called “Hakutohatch” where 60 teams compete to give the best presentations, and the top 8 receive startup funding. My friends and I actually won with our proposal for a cloud-based service.

--Was there overlap between your field of study and what you saw in the exhibit hall today?

Carlos: My field is mechanics. The display that was of the most interest to me in respect to overlapping with my field was probably Keio University's robot hand. The robot is fitted with very precise sensors that allow it to pick up potato chips without breaking them.

Zheng: I’m studying computers, but I was especially interested in Fujitsu’s wireless communication technology. They had several large displays and tables that could act as displays, and could send articles and other information back and forth between separate displays with one touch.

In these interviews, the ambassadors referred to Japanese companies using their proper names, from Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, to other major Japanese companies, demonstrating powerful brand name recognition, with each company developing new technologies that inspired our ambassadors. It appears that the realm of cutting edge technology Japan excels in is being received with fresh amazement abroad.

All the CoFesta ambassadors who were interviewed
Carlos Cesar Cortes Torres (Mexico)
Hannes Zaiser (Germany)
Gianluca Abad (Philippines)
Zheng Lin Chia (Malaysia)



This article concerns CoFesta, a campaign to hold a variety of events to aid highly compatible industries in effectively going abroad, and its collaborative planning with Fields Research Institute( FRI), which conducts research in entertainment.