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[CoFesta Ambassador x FRI] Program to Send Japanese Content Overseas


Are you all familiar with the “CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival)” initiative?

Japan boasts a variety of content such as games, anime, manga, characters, and more. We launched the campaign as an “international communication improvement support project” in 2007, holding a variety of events to aid highly compatible industries in effectively going abroad. Additionally, we now work with approximately 200 exchange students from 40 different countries and regions who are fans of Japanese content as “CoFesta Ambassadors”.

On the day of the event, staff members use flags printed with the CoFesta logo, moving around as though giving a guided tour. The ambassadors will proactively post about things they find interesting on social media. There are also ambassadors who record videos to post on YouTube, and give comments to the news media. This consolidated approach lets them not only share their observations about the event and experiences in Japan publicly via social media, but leads to them engaging friends and acquaintances back home.

There is of course the question of how to communicate with members who speak different languages. For that, the accompanying CoFesta staff at the event have a trick for correspondence.

The staff mainly communicate with the ambassadors in English. This allows the first-time ambassadors to spend their time stress-free. Also, there are ambassadors who are better at Japanese than English, in which case we can communicate with them in Japanese. Since the entire staff gives explanations in English, the members will naturally interpret for one another as needed.

To help facilitate spreading content overseas, the ambassadors not only have the means to overcome their language barriers and cultivate new friendships, but as exchange students they are learning specialized fields in Japan and thus have a deeper understanding. Furthermore, ambassadors often say that the appeal of the CoFesta is in how it lets them engage in their interests outside of their normal studies.

Next time, we will accompany ambassadors on their activities at the affiliated CoFesta event, and convey the differences between what they see in Japanese content and overseas.


This article concerns CoFesta, a campaign to hold a variety of events to aid highly compatible industries in effectively going abroad, and its collaborative planning with Fields Research Institute( FRI), which conducts research in entertainment.