Mayuko released First Full Album "Vista Bouquet" on 13th April 2014!!

Mayuko released First Full Album "Vista Bouquet" on 13th April 2014.

She will participate in the Japanese Culture Event “Hyper Japan 2014”.

■ tracks
1. Violets  
2. The poet of daybreak  
3. The heat
4. Hikari to Iro
5. lovable
6. butterflies and the web
7. shine
8. Finding happiness
9. Nothing to be described
10. Laputa
11. One thousand years ceremony
■ Bonus Track
12. One thousand years ceremony(the album leaf RMX) 
13. Touch My Soul(Go-qualia RMX)

■ Profile
***“Whenever I draw an oil painting, I cannot stop the music blaring in my head. I want to let these melodies out.” Mayuko, who had studied at an university of fine arts, said and came into the world of music.***

【Spiritual Voice from the cocoon MAYUKO】

Her name, MAYUKO means “a child in the cocoon”.
Her clear voice is characterized by the high notes, like the spirit’s singing. Not only she has purity but also has presence, and expresses abstract world.
Her music makes you feel snug as if being protected in the cocoon.

Mayuko's First Full Album "Vista Bouquet"